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Electricians quite literally light up the modern world by installing electrical infrastructure in new buildings or repairing power lines and electrical components. An electrician's skill is apparent every time someone flips on a light switch or plugs their laptop charger into an outlet.

But in an industry that regularly encounters live wires, energized circuits, and stray voltage, there is always the potential for risks and accidents. Bodily injuries alone may be one of the most pressing hazards electrical contractors face, as electricians accounted for 34 percent of electrocutions suffered by construction trades workers in the United States between 1992 and 2003.

As the owner of an electrical contracting company, you know the safety of your business and your workers depends on a reliable risk management plan. To safeguard your company from the high cost of liability claims and employee injuries, you need to have the proper business insurance policies in force.

Luckily, the electrician business insurance experts at insureon already understand the unique risks and concerns of your profession, and we can help you create a business protection plan that gives your business the financial security it needs to survive a costly liability claim.

Electrical contracting businesses typically benefit from the following insurance policies…

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You've worked hard to build and grow your business. Now it's time to protect yourself and the company you created. To start shopping around for the business insurance policies that can help your electrician company survive a costly hit, complete our all-online insurance application.

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