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Handyman professionals, being fix-it generalists, have a gift for analyzing a problem and finding a solution. To tackle household maintenance and small repair tasks, handymen are often skilled in a variety of ways. They may possess basic carpentry and construction skills, elementary knowledge of electrical wiring, and plumbing skills for small jobs (e.g., a leaky faucet). Part of their skill set includes the ability to recognize when a repair is beyond their skill level and the expertise of a tradesperson is needed.

For handymen, the minor repairs and fixes daily work requires may seem to insulate them from the risks tradespersons may face. But in truth, whenever you work with clients and their property, your handyman business always faces the potential for liability suits and other unexpected financial burdens.

That's why the handyman business insurance agents at insureon offer coverages designed for the unique risks you may face while performing your work. These policies include…

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