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The Insurance Coverage Modular Construction Professionals Need Most

Your modular construction hires many kinds of employees - construction technicians, production crew members, assembly line workers, quality control engineers, and building inspectors, just to name a few - and each one holds unique workplace responsibilities. This complex system produces a variety of different risks, making your business insurance needs a bit tricky.

Do you know what kind of insurance coverage your modular construction business requires?

If the answer is "no," don't feel bad - a lot of insurance providers don't know either. Frankly, not many agents are equipped to deal with a modular construction professional's insurance needs, let alone that of a startup or small-business owner.

That's why insureon only works with agents who are familiar with the modular / prefab construction business. Below is a look at the kind of policies that most often benefit modular construction professionals…

Modular Construction Professionals: Find Custom-Fit Coverage Today

Whether you're ready to start building your business insurance plan, or you'd just like to ask a few questions, there is an insureon agent waiting to help you. And remember, since insureon acts as a liaison between you and many different insurance providers, your agent can help you get several different quotes all at once.

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