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Liability Insurance for Painting Businesses

Painting businesses understand the importance of precision — simply edging a room takes an expert's touch. You have to pick the appropriate paints for the project (exterior vs. interior), remove old coats, and pick a finish that fits the type of use the space experiences. And the end result speaks for itself: your work revitalizes rooms and amplifies curb appeal.

Though your job is work intensive, painting may seem fairly low risk. But the truth is your work comes with some unique exposures. For example, someone could trip over a tarp, break a leg, and sue your business. Your painters may develop repetitive motion injuries after rolling a brush back and forth for hours on end. Are you prepared to pay for a worker's medical expenses?

Like a painter's palette of colors, we can offer your business an array of painter insurance policies that we can customize based on your precise needs:

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Finding appropriate painter insurance doesn’t have to be like finding the perfect shade of tan paint (though we’d take bisque over beige any day). An insureon agent specializing in insurance for painting professionals can help you find coverage in a snap. For free quotes, complete an online insurance application.

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