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Liability Insurance for Residential Roofing Contractors

Residential roofers are the reason homeowners enjoy a watertight shelter. These professionals work under harsh weather conditions to repair roofs, install insulation, and create steep-slope rooftops. Not only does it take great skills to perform these duties from a height, but it also takes a keen eye for details. Residential roofers understand that each measurement has to be exact and each shingle must be properly installed to ensure the roof can withstand the test of weather and time.

As the owner of a residential roofing company, you benefit from using your eye for details to protect your business in this same methodical way. Liability claims and employee injuries are common in your industry, which means that in order to keep thriving, your business must be covered by the appropriate business insurance policies.

When you work with the residential roofing business insurance experts at insureon, we can customize your policy to ensure your most pressing risks are addressed with reliable, adequate coverage. If the unexpected happens and your business is faced with a costly liability claim, you can rest assured you will have the protection you need to spare your bank account from a devastating hit.

Generally, we recommend residential roofing companies include the following policies in their business protection plan…

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Building a business protection plan used to be a complicated process, but the licensed agents at insureon have it down to a science. Thanks to our all-online application process, we make is fast and easy for you to compare competitive quotes from top-rated insurance providers.

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