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Several stone and tile installation professionals opened up shop in response to the "cut corners, cut costs" attitude of many corporate tiling companies. As a craftsman, you understand that cutting corners doesn't pay - and as a smaller business, you are able to customize a tiling project to meet the specific budgetary needs and desires of your clients.

So why settle for anything less when it comes to your business insurance plan? Insureon understand the importance of customization - that's why each insurance policy can be adjusted to fit the unique needs of your stone and tile installation business. Below are a list of some commonly purchased insurance policies for stone and tiling professionals…

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Whether you are ready to start building your business insurance plan, or you'd like to ask someone a few more questions, there is an insureon agent - skilled in the insurance needs of stone and tile installation professionals - waiting to get you started. And remember, since insureon acts as a liaison between you and many different insurance providers, they can help you get several different quotes all at once.

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