Sample Certificates of Insurance
for Contractors, Builders & Other Construction Professionals

When doing construction or contracting work, you'll sometimes need to provide proof of insurance coverage. This might be because…

  • A client requires you to have General Liability Insurance coverage before offering a contract.
  • A state regulatory agency necessitates you having a license or permit bond from an insurance company before they can issue the actual license or permit.
  • Your state requires you to verify your Workers' Compensation Insurance coverage.

In order to provide proof of insurance coverage, you'll need to show a Certificate of Insurance, which is the official document that your insurance agent provides. It certifies that your construction or contracting business has the necessary coverage.

You can list certain parties as "Certificate Holders," which means they will automatically be notified when your policy is updated. This can be beneficial when working with the same clients over the years.

Sample Certificates of Insurance for the Construction / Contracting Industry

If you want to see what your certificate might look like, check out our sample Certificate of Insurance for construction and contracting businesses.

How to Get Your Own Certificate of Insurance

In order to get a Certificate of Insurance, you'll need to purchase small business insurance coverage. You can contact one of our agents at [email protected] or 800-688-1984 to see which policies are appropriate for your business. Alternatively, you can fill out our online application and purchase business insurance online. Usually, you can get insured and receive your certificate within 24 hours.

If you're already an insureon customer, download your Certificate of Insurance by logging into your customer portal.

Certificate of Insurance [PDF]

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