How Much Is Business Insurance
for Stone and Tile Installers?

Whether you install stone floors, backsplashes, fireplaces, or exteriors, commercial liability insurance offers your business important coverage and can help you fulfill legal obligations. State laws, licensing regulations, and the contracts you sign with customers often require business insurance, so let's take a look at what this insurance may cost your company.

Note: the sample insurance quotes are estimates only and reflect typical costs. Your premiums may vary.

General Liability Insurance?

How Much Is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance pays for the cost of business lawsuits when a stone installation company is sued by a third party for personal injury, property damage, or reputational damage. While it won't cover all lawsuits, General Liability Insurance covers many common ones that stone and tile companies could face. The following lawsuits could all be covered under a GL policy:

  1. A customer is injured at your showroom.
  2. A competitor sues you, claiming you've infringed on their copyright.
  3. Your employee damages a client's home during installation.
  4. A customer sues, claiming the tile you installed wasn't done properly.

In any of these situations, GL Insurance could pay your lawyers' bills and if you lose a lawsuit, the damages you owe, up to your policy's limits.

The typical cost of General Liability Insurance for stone and tile companies is between $380 and $860 in annual premiums.

Average Premiums, Deductibles and Limits on General Liability Insurance Policies for Stone and Tile Installers
Name USD

Median policy premium:

$380 - $860

Per claim limit:


Policy limit:


Median policy deductible:


To see how the cost of General Liability Insurance for stone and tile installers compares with other industries, visit Insureon's General Liability Insurance Cost Analysis New browser window icon..

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