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In the construction and contracting industry, issues can pop up where you least expect them. Turns out that wall is load-bearing? Your cement mixer's motor blew out? That three tons of topsoil isn't going to show up till tomorrow? You've got to keep a cool head and work around problems like these on nearly every project. Getting the job done on budget and on time can be tough. Chances are, though, you have the know-how to do it.

But sometimes trouble can pop up that you don't know how to take care of. Legal risks and exposures can cost your business big, and you might never have seen them coming. That's why we've compiled a list of guides and articles that will help you plan for the future and look out for potential perils.

Check out the free guides below to see tips on how to grow your contracting business, how to manage risks, and what you need to know about your business insurance coverage.

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