Commercial Auto Insurance
for Contractors, Builders & Other Construction Professionals

If you're a contractor or construction professional who regularly commutes to the worksite or project site, Commercial Auto Insurance is an essential part of your business protection plan. Commercial Auto Insurance provides the coverage you need to avoid the potentially high costs of vehicle repair, medical expenses, or potential lawsuits as a result of unforeseen auto accidents.

Regardless of how often you use vehicles for your construction & contracting business, if you use them at all, this type of policy will protect you and your employees whenever you must travel for business.

Keep reading to discover how Commercial Auto Insurance gives your construction & contracting business and your employees the security you need to conduct your business, no matter where you go.

Commercial Auto Insurance: Protecting Construction & Contracting Professionals

Commercial Auto Insurance: Protecting Construction & Contracting Professionals

Building your construction & contracting business took a lot of hard work, dedication, and time. And part of preserving the groundwork you've laid depends on your construction & contracting business protection. When you have the security of Commercial Auto Insurance, you can rest assured your contracting business can continue to thrive, even in light of an unexpected collision.

A single auto accident can mean expensive property damage, mounting medical expenses, and costly legal fees — and your company could be held responsible for these costs. If you don't have Commercial Auto Insurance, you risk the health of your construction & contracting business each time you or an employee travels for company business.

For example, say one of your employees uses their own vehicle to conduct business, and they have an auto accident while carrying out their work. If their personal insurance is not enough to cover the claim, your company can be held responsible to make up the difference. When your construction & contracting business is protected by Commercial Auto Insurance, however, your coverage would supplement the driver's own personal liability coverage. Additionally, your Commercial Auto Insurance will cover any vehicle you use to transport employees, products, or clients.

If you're wondering how to determine the right amount or type of Commercial Auto Insurance for your construction & contracting business, contact an insureon agent today. Our construction-business insurance experts know the specific demands and risks associated with your industry, and can help you sort out the coverage options that work for you.

Contractors & Construction Professionals: Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Types

Contractors & Construction Professionals: Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Types

Commercial Auto Insurance helps protect your company from financial hardships associated with an auto accident. This coverage ensures you can repair or replace your damaged work vehicle, depending on your policy limits. Severe enough accidents that destroy the professional tools and contracting equipment that were in transport might also be covered. With the bodily injury portion of your coverage, drivers and passengers in the vehicle will have medical care costs paid for as well.

As you consider your Commercial Auto coverage options, keep the following types of coverage in mind.

Liability Auto Coverage for Contractors & Construction Professionals

For contractors & construction professionals, the main benefit of Commercial Auto Insurance is that it protects you and your company from the expenses associated with the accident if you or employees are responsible for the collision. Note that the commute to and from work is not covered under Commercial Auto Insurance policies. Only accidents that occur while traveling for the purpose of doing work for your business will be covered.

Liability coverage helps pay for the damages caused by the accident or the medical expenses of third parties harmed in the accident. For example, if your employee strikes another car while on business and causes damage to that driver's vehicle, your policy will cover the cost of repairs. If the people in the other car are injured in the accident, this coverage will help to pay for their resulting medical expenses or legal fees should they file a lawsuit. The amount of coverage per incident will depend on your policy's specified limits.

Physical Damage Coverage for Contractors & Construction Professionals

Commercial Auto Insurance for contractors & construction professionals typically includes physical damage coverage. This covers the costs of damage to your company's vehicles should a collision occur. Your physical damage coverage may include comprehensive coverage, which protects you in case a company vehicle is stolen, damaged due to vandalism, or wrecked by a natural disaster. Physical damage coverage also protects you when another car hits your vehicle or when your vehicle collides with another object.

Medical Insurance Coverage for Contractors & Construction Professionals

Commercial Auto Insurance policies can shield you and your contracting business from one of the most expensive costs associated with automobile accidents: medical expenses. As the result of an accident caused by you or your employee, you may be responsible for emergency care, diagnostics, and hospital stays — a bill too large for small contracting business owners to comfortably bear. With medical insurance coverage as part of your Commercial Auto Insurance, you are protected from these costs. Typically, this coverage will need to be requested as an addition to your Commercial Auto Insurance policy.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage for Contractors & Construction Professionals

You might consider adding uninsured motorist coverage to a Commercial Auto Insurance policy to protect your company in the event that your employees use their personal vehicles for company business. If they do not have adequate personal auto coverage and get in an accident while performing their work, your company could be held responsible to pay for the damages their personal policy doesn't cover. Or worse, if they don't have any personal coverage, your company would have to pay for all the damages incurred. With uninsured motorist coverage, you will be able to supplement the extra costs.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Contracting & Construction Company Vehicles

Commercial Auto Insurance for Contracting & Construction Company Vehicles

While most contractors may not have to commute to numerous locations each day, it's common for them to drive several times each week depending upon their work schedules. And every time you or your employees are on the road, the risk of an auto accident increases.

Even if you use your personal vehicle for company business, it's important to know that personal auto insurance policies exclude coverage for accidents occurring while using the vehicle for business purposes.

Typical Commercial Auto Insurance for construction & contracting professionals commonly includes coverage for passenger vehicles, company vans, pickup trucks, trailers, and dump trucks. Talk to your insureon agent about your company vehicle coverage options.

Keeping Contractors Protected, On and Off the Road

Keeping Contractors Protected, On and Off the Road

Our contracting & construction-business insurance experts at insureon can help you to find the adequate coverage you need to travel for business with assurance. Contact an insureon agent today — we'll help you get the policy that fits your business needs!

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