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Regardless of whether your business philosophy is "no job is too small" or "large jobs are our specialty," every contract comes with its own set of risks, including on-the job injury, lawsuits associated with the quality of your work, accidental bodily injury, and property damage.

To address the risks associated with your construction or contracting work, Insureon offers insurance coverage designed specifically for small contracting businesses and sole proprietors who provide a wide range of construction and contract services.

We can insure damages, risks, and any related lawsuits for your business, at some of the most competitive rates you'll find anywhere.

We have a wide range of insurance policies that enable us to offer more coverage than the industry standard and at affordable rates.

Insurance Options for Construction & Contracting Professionals

Insurance Options for Construction & Contracting Professionals

Our small business insurance experts have the knowledge to tailor an insurance policy to your needs.

We make buying small business insurance easy, with our one-stop shopping application.

We offer insurance policies to cover all of your contracting insurance needs, including:

The Insureon Advantage

The Insureon Advantage

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Construction & Contracting Professionals: Coverage Types

Construction & Contracting Professionals: Coverage Types

We offer a variety of insurance coverage types specifically designed for providers of construction and contract services.

Builder's Risk Insurance for Construction & Contracting Businesses

If your business takes you to customer worksites, your standard Property Insurance policy may not cover your equipment and tools. Builder's Risk Insurance is a special kind of Property policy designed to keep your business gear safe no matter where you use it. In addition, this policy covers works in progress so that you can recover from unexpected damages (e.g., from a windstorm) to projects, no matter how close you are to being finished.

General Liability for Construction & Contracting Professionals

General Liability Insurance protects you against third-party claims for property and personal damages. This policy protects you and your small business from the financial detriment that can result from allegations that you caused personal harm or property destruction. If these claims lead to litigation, your General Liability policy covers these costs, as well as any court-mandated settlements.

For example, if you were to accidentally drop a heavy tool which subsequently damages a customer's newly installed hardwood floors, your general liability insurance will provide the compensation needed to settle the damages. Without the right insurance, the cost required to rectify the issue could prevent your business from operating.

Contractor Bonding Insurance (License & Permit Bonds)

In order to operate in many cities, counties, and states, builders and other construction businesses are required to have License Bonds, Permit Bonds, or other types of contractor bonding. These bonds are a form of insurance that demonstrate to clients that you've got the financial backing of an insurance company and the professional recognition of the state or municipality you're operating in.

To determine whether you need contractor bonding insurance, check out state and local requirements for the type of construction or contracting work your business does.

Property Insurance for Construction & Contracting Professionals

Contracting businesses need strong Commercial Property Insurance policies to cover physical damage or loss of their and others' property. Common property claims in contracting and construction businesses include fire in areas where materials are stored as well as theft of tools, equipment or high-value materials. Insureon has many optional coverage endorsements to fit your specific business and risks.

Most contracting and construction businesses elect to purchase Property Insurance to cover their business space, materials inventory and other business assets. Because so much of the typical contractor's work is completed away from their office, some contractor property policies will also cover business property in transit or at a jobsite. Property Insurance also covers others' property while it is in your care.

Special contractors' coverage may also be available for your business's equipment and tools, your employees' personal tools, portable computing equipment, and theft of business property by your own employees. Some Property Insurance policies may include coverage for business interruption.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Builders and Contracting Businesses

If you have a business vehicle that gets you and your equipment from one job to the next, that vehicle probably isn't covered by your personal auto insurance. A Commercial Auto Insurance policy offers your business truck, van, or other vehicle the protection it needs to keep it (and you) safe between jobs.

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Construction & Contracting Professionals

Contract work often requires physical labor, which can expose you and your employees to a variety of risks, including suffering a work-related injury. Because most contractors work on-location, many clients will require that you have Workers' Compensation Insurance before you begin a job. Covering your employees with workman's comp coverage is the best way to protect your business from the high costs associated with potential on-the-job injuries.

Our workers' comp insurance policies not only cover your employees' medical costs and some lost wages in the event of a work-related ailment, but it also covers your medical costs and lost income as a small business owner as well.

Some states may mandate that you provide Workers' Compensation Insurance for your employees. These state requirements may depend on the size of your contracting business and whether you employ other independent contractors to complete a project. Consult with one of our construction and contracting insurance specialists to learn about specific state's insurance requirements or to decipher the insurance requirements of your contract.

Excess Liability Insurance / Umbrella Coverage for Construction & Contracting Professionals

If you have a contract that requires more General Liability coverage than your current policy offers or if you are concerned that your General Liability limits are not high enough to adequately protect your contracting business, you can quickly and affordably increase your coverage limits with Excess Liability Insurance (aka Umbrella Insurance). This policy adds coverage to your existing General Liability Insurance policy for a reasonable price.

Umbrella Insurance is designed to begin where the primary coverage of an existing General Liability policy ends. For example, if your General Liability policy has a $500,000 limit, but a client requires that you have $750,000 of coverage, with our Excess Liability Insurance we can extend your General Liability policy to get you the additional $250,000 of coverage.

If you are in search of an easy and cost-effective way to increase your existing policy limits, Excess Liability Insurance is the most efficient way to raise the limits on your General Liability policy.

Note that Umbrella Insurance cannot add coverage to Professional Liability Insurance.

Specialized Coverage for Construction & Contracting Professionals

Specialized Coverage for Construction & Contracting Professionals

Insureon provides customized insurance coverage for the following construction and contracting professions, including:

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